Founders Edition

The Founders Edition is an In-App purchase that will unlock both the custom game mode and custom theming options. Lettrigo is already a fully featured playable game, but of course over time new features will be developed. Purchasing the Founders Edition will help to fund future development of the app – and as a thank you for supporting Lettrigo right from the start, Founders will get all the newly developed feature improvements for free.

Custom Game mode

The custom game modes will become Lettrigo’s central monetisation area in the future. Currently the custom game mode is somewhat limited: only lowercase a-z characters are fully supported. This means it’s easy to load english words, but characters such as é, ä or even a space can currently not be typed. Changing this is one of the first planned updates to the app. In a second step, more preset word lists will be made available, such as countries of the world, greek loan words and others. Once these features are all available, the price of the custom game In-App purchase will go up and the Founders Edition will no longer be available for new players. Everyone that has already purchased the Founders Edition before the cut-off date will get all the new features at no cost.

Custom Theming

The custom theming section offers several hand-made, high quality themes and the option to create your completely own colour scheme. There are no immediate updates planned when it comes to theming, but one possibility could be to include multiple fonts to choose from in the future. Regardless of what new features will come to the theming area, they will also be included in the Founders Edition.

So what is the Founders Edition?

The Founders Edition is the best way to support Lettrigo. If you enjoy the game – even if you don’t need the offered features – the Founders Edition is the easiest and clearest way to say thank you and secure future development of the app. It will only be available for a certain time and be replaced by more expensive individual purchases once all planned features are available. As a Founder you won’t have to think about that, as all the extened features of custom game modes and custom theming will be at no cost for you.

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